By immersing myself in this I am really changing my brain. Putting ids more in families, using the same elements for related ideas, gives stability and increased structure–meaning–to the ideas themselves and the idea network.

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spot, weeds


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I just grabbed something off of my bookshelf to do some transcribing.  I like to transcribe from a variety of sources because each has its own typical vocabulary.  I was pleased with how this passage transcribed and decided to share it.  While not  a Scientologist, I am impressed with much of what LRH has done.  LRH derived much from Korzybski’s General Semantics.  In fact, Scientology in the main is, I believe, an extension of General Semantics. Alfred Korzybski believed that people’s  nervous systems would benefit– become more sane–by training in extensionality, and this is exactly what Scientology processes do.  LRH took AK’s ball and ran with it.

What I have done with neoideograms is right up Scientologists’ alley. It is a means of making language clearer (partly through clarifying roots, also through clarifying ideas in themselves and senses) and is on the road to extensionality, as ids tend to convey meaning with structural similarity to reality.  They make one more conscious of and in control of ideas.


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11/30 transcription sample

I transcribe 4 pages or so every day.  Still working on the Anthony Robbins book.  In this passage I had several new id creations that worked very well–shuffle, clenched, instrument.  Shuffle and clench are such seldom used words that I won’t even put them in my “dictionary” but will remember.  Instrument in the sense of musial instrument, though, is a good addition that I will record.  I already had instrument in the sense of tool.


For me the “final” test for any id is its use, both on paper and in my mind. If an id is difficult to produce and hold in mind, I consider it no good. And I must like it, must feel that it is fully adequate.  Often I will use an id for a long time with a vague sense of dissatisfaction, though it was the best I could come up with, then be delighted when I finally break through with an improvement.

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11/21 transcription with copious notes


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11/20 still at it

I love doing it.  Always new insights, discoveries, and delights.  A new world. The rock I use to weigh down the book is a memento of last summer’s eclipse in Oregon.

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why i think the ideogram approach may be the future of language



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11/16 improvements to “logic” and “reason”




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Interview with Christophe Zweigrad with illustration

illustration: Scan0148

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incumbent, sekinin


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Progress, 11/15/2017 morning


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I’ve gotten more interest from Germany in my work than from anywhere else, strangely, and to the credit of Germans.  I was impressed by the following from deremil.wordpress.com and decided to try putting it into ids. Not that my modest degree of proficiency in German makes me actually competent to do so.  I had to struggle with prefixes like ver-, ent-, etc., and probably didn’t do them justice — am sure I made many mistakes.

My hope is that it will catch someone’s interest to the extent that they will want to try doing it themselves.  An offer:  I’ll run (actually fly) over to Deutschland and help anyone interested in applying ids to German, IF I can be provided a free place to stay temporarily (a spot to sleep on the floor would be fine).    The offer stands for anyone wanting to use my stuff for kids–I’ll help develop.  First come, first serve.



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from 1984


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11/13 transcription


More transcription from Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power.  In these pages he talks about the power of passion and belief, as if they are things we can just will and decide into existence.  The belief and passion I’ve put into this project sprang from visions of what seemed to me like vast, exciting, and real possibilities.  I’ve gone a long way with these possibilities, and there is a long way to go.

I look at my work and am impressed. What has this done to my mind?  Improved it.  Caused unexpected, strange things that I must move forward with and try to produce more of.

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transcription 11/9/17

The part underlined in pink says, “You can do the same thing with the screen of your mind.  You can direct your mental activity, which is the underpinning of all physical action, with the same skill and power.  You can turn up the light and sound of the positive messages in your brain, and you can dim the pictures and sounds of the negative ones.  You can run your brain as skillfully as S. or S. runs his set.”


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transcription and some translation

Again from Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power, p. 9.  The part underlined in pink says, “Just as these people are able to move the masses with communication, it is also the tool we use to move ourselves–personally, socially, emotionally, financially.  More important, the level of success you experience internally–the happiness, joy, ecstasy, love, or anything else you desire–is the direct result of how you communicate with yourself.  How you feel is not the result of what is happening in your life.  It is your interpretation of what is happening.  Successful people’s lives have shown us over and over again that the quality of our lives is determined not by what happens to us but by what we do about what happens.”

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some transcription

Ids are compact and fast to write.  This is the first 4 pages of the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. Why do I do this?  It is a  thrill, maybe like driving a fast car. Creating new graphic concepts is a joy.

I recently inadvertently contacted someone affiliated with “blissymbolics”.  I was not so rude as to say so, but “blissymbolics” is so stupidly done and clumsy that cursory examination turns my stomach.  Yuck–disgusting–they make me feel like I am in a sewer of stupidity! As soon as I found out where he was coming from I cut communication.  Not my cup of tea.

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