will start over

I deleted all of my posts–64 of them. All of the work I did them that is important to me –the id creations–are saved in my dictionary, excepting the work I did on ids for Japanese and German, but I can figure that out again if I ever decide to tackle it.    I’ll start posting again soon with a new approach.


About ErnieM

Live near Seattle, USA. neoideograms.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to will start over

  1. austin_ep says:

    Hi Steve, was working on some projects over the past week and thought about your creations and your site. Popped on over here to check it out and found this new post. Hope all is well and that the new ideas and new approach prove to be fruitful! Send me a mail if you’d like to chat, I’ve been quite busy over the past year and am looking to get back into some prior projects. Especially interested in seeing how the IDs shape up!



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