Mind and Consciousness as lens-like

Musings in my diary this morning. These thoughts are consistent with George Lakoff’s idea in Philosophy in the Flesh that the conceptual system is rooted in and makes use of the same brain circuits as the visual and motor systems. I entertain the idea that mind and consciousness themselves do the same.


This morning it is raining a little. I just had the idea of having a more focused life. Focus your life. This is the opposite of a random uncontrolled aimless life (living). Without focus the person has no personal or even social existence. Without focus there is no effective living. Without focus you might as well be a plant or a child. Focus is a characteristic of serious adult life. Remember that the top part of focus is a lens. I am basically a lens. My visual system is lens-like. My being is lens-like. The self (perhaps) is a repository of anti-foci. (What is an anti-focus?) Whereas the visual system focuses on or in space, the mind, which is a similar lens, focuses both in space and time, on the real and the meta-real (the abstract). The mind focuses through (in, on) time. Abstraction is a time-binding, meta- temporal phenomenon. We look out not only on space but on time. To think of oneself as a lens, to be aware of oneself as such, is, I believe, an advancement in consciousness. Consciousness and awareness are lens phenomena, focal phenomena.




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