Here are links to a couple of id look-up sites.  The programs were made by Maksym Taran from Google and are up on github.

Caveats:  these programs were made from  an old version of my Neoideogram Resource Book. Hastily drawn too.  . I’m continually revising and adding to ids.  Ids of 6/2017 are quite different from ids of 6/2014.  He did something to make the images clearer and ended up darkening in some spaces that are not meant to be black. Great that he worked on it tho–many thanks to him.

It’s up on github so people can add and improve.

The first program above is excellent for understanding ids because you can click on an image and the components come up with meanings.  Much work needs to be done on it.  I spent many, many hrs. laboriously filling in info.  Hope someone finds it useful.   Many improvements to be made, like boxes for etymologies and notes.